Ceramic Restoration

Invisible repairs for broken ceramics

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What does a repair entail.

In starts with the cleaning  of  the piece to get rid of any dirt for the glue and paint to hold and also to be able to see the original colour when necessary to colour match.
Next is glueing the piece back together  (bonding) using a variety of different glues whichever neccesary. Depending on the type of material different bonding materials can be used.
This also counts for filing in missing parts. Depending on the type of ceramic different materials will be used. I can reproduce missing fingers, instruments,
etc. etc.
Painting/ colour matching the repaired part so it blends in with the rest of the piece. This can be done by hand or with an air brush.
Varnishing the repair in the appropriate style (gloss, medium, matt)
Applying missing gilding if  neccesary.
After conservation or restoration, items should be used for display purposes only and kept away from extreme sunlight and heat.
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